Wednesday, February 21, 2024






    I rented a car for going out to buy foods and some small things for my friends in Japan. I requested a compact car but they rented a bigger one instead because the smaller car was out of the office. I like driving but I should have paid special attention not to damage that unfamiliar car.

    When I was looking for something I needed at the third shop which was a huge supermarket, I heard someone calling my name. I thought that it can't be true because I rarely went to that supermarket and I knew very limited people in the US. I looked towards the direction of the voice, and an American couple was looking at me. First, I wondered who they were, then I remembered that he was Mr. P.K. whom I was tutoring Japanese when I was working at Harvard Univ. and she was his wife, Ms.K.D. We haven't met each other for several decades. I was so surprised !!

    At the time we first met, P was expected to go to Japan for his business, so he wanted to brush up his Japanese with me. He introduced his fiance to me and we became good friends. Soon, they married and moved to Tokyo and lived there for a couple of years. They came to our wedding in Shiga.

    In Boston, just before I was pregnant, they had a baby girl, so K taught many things about giving birth in the US. I was helped so much by her advice. After that, however, I lost touch with them. I met P in Boston many years ago, but again we had not contacted each other. P told me that he had been a president of the National Association of Japan-America Societies for many years and was awarded by the Japanese government for his contribution between the US and Japan. I heard this wonderful news from him during our short conversation in the supermarket.

    I really appreciated that they found me in the crowded site. The word "Coincidence" is just suited in this situation and it was a happy meeting.