Saturday, February 10, 2024





 今は運動と思って頑張れても、この先どうなることか..... 腰を痛めないように日頃の運動の大切さを思います。

    Since the town had announced a heavy snow warning, I eliminated snow several times during the night which accumulated in front of my house. It was not heavy at that time, so I thought it would not be so heavy. However, I realized that my prediction was off.

    More than 8 inches of snow had accumulated from where I shoveled last night. The snow melting pipes coming from the central part of the road were not working both at night and at 8 am. After a while at around 10 am, the water was coming and some part was clear on the road but it was only the center and both sides of the road were covered with drenched snow. Maybe because of avoiding the water pipe freeze, they had stopped running the water during the night.

    I prefer the past when we had a side-ditch on both sides of the road before the current road was made by taking off the ditch, because we could put accumulated snow in there so that it would melt away. It was really hard work for me to put all the wet snow on both sides of the house.

    I could do this work by myself now, but I wonder how long I can do it in the future. It is important to keep my muscles well for the future.