Saturday, February 17, 2024




 I have been thinking for a long time that the US is much slower than Japan in terms of the speed of social change. The scenery of the area and people's looks haven't changed much in contrast to Japan, especially Tokyo. Subway and subway stations in Boston haven't been changed for several decades except the fee. But this time, I felt a little bit different. It has been changing here and there although I don't know whether they are getting better or worse.

    I saw many shops and restaurants in the central area of the town closed and this shows how the economy is going worse. On the other hand, the city's library and skate rink were closed or shut down in order to make new ones. Recently the middle school and high school were newly built, and the city's pool was remodeled. I was surprised by the fact that more public buildings will be built in the near future. I think we cannot simply feel happy because it means our tax will be raised.

    Although I feel the gas price hasn't risen much in the US, the commodity prices are getting higher. A box of tissue paper is $3.99 (¥600), a small pack of cosmetic cotton 2.99 (¥450), etc. We can get two packs of cotton in 100 yen shops in Japan. They all surprised me.

    There are many people who are living comfortably or people who are living by cutting back on living expenses but I can say that we definitely belong in the latter group.