Friday, February 16, 2024





    About one month ago, Clown Rone introduced me to an exhibition of two big clown heads floating between the buildings. Since they are in Boston, I went to see them. Getting off the train at the nearest station, when I was walking down the street, I found small children gathering and clown heads were in the area.

    The children were excited and adults were taking photos. There was an explanation to answer everyone's question why clowns were there. According to the explanation, the two clowns were Nagg and Nell who were in the "Endgames" by Irish playwright Samuel Beckett (1906-1986). Bothe Nagg and Nell didn't have legs and stayed in steel drums, but those two were not set as clowns in the play. While my favorite clown, Rone & Gigi are open and funny, Nagg and Nell are dark and depressing characters. It is said that Beckett expressed absurdity in his play. The two funny-faced clowns, Nagg and Nell, were stuck in the narrow building space. It was creepy, in a way.

     When I was checking Endgame on the net, I found out that the play appeared in Japan a couple decades ago. Makoto Sato directed and Negg was played by Noboru Mitani and Nell was played by Misako Watanabe. Mr. Mitani is a familiar name to me, because he came to our dramatic club for teaching when I was in college and I went to his theater performances a couple of times after graduation. We were well taken care of by him and we even stayed at his house. I haven't contact him at all ever since. I knew that he passed away last year and I feel very sorry about it. I was glad to see his name coincidentally and at the same time I regret that I didn't express my thanks to him.