Wednesday, November 8, 2023






13:00−15:00ジャグリング (西洋風のお手玉)体験


    We will announce that RONE & Gigi's Comedy live is full.

    The Big Ears Show and Clown Talk are still available.    

    You will be surprised at the extra fun things in the Big Ears Show. You also will listen to a very valuable talk from the two clowns who are in their thirty three years career as a professional clown duo. They will talk about clowns which were not in Japanese culture and many people still don't know very much about it. The talk will be clear, easy and funny so everybody understands easily. It is behind-the-scenes talk by the clowns with no makeup. They are RONE & Gigi, who make our brain flexible and enliven us easily. Please do not miss this chance! You will also be served free Shiratama for the participants.

Nov. 26 is Clown Workshop

13:00-15:00 Juggling

15:30-17:00 Comedy Class

Please call Taga Asahiya (0749-48-0186).