Wednesday, November 22, 2023




    My high School classmate who was in Hokkaido Univ. doing research as well as teaching, then moved to Tohoku Univ., and worked at the Cabinet Office as well after retirement, is now settled in Shiga. He said he wanted to bring his friend and his family from Brazil to my cafe and have lunch. The other day, he came to visit me for lunch beforehand and gave various kinds of potatoes from Hokkaido which he received from his relatives. There were six kinds of potatoes in six bags and each bag had names of the potatoes with recommended ways of cooking such as good for salad,stew, etc on the labels.

     I am expecting to have eleven kids with four chaperones over to eat box dinner in my cafe over the weekend.  Now I am planning to use these potatoes for French fries which many kids love for their dinner.  Well, I am in a bit of a predicament because I don't know which potato is good for French fries ....