Wednesday, November 1, 2023






   ・クラウンの型 (実演あり)



Here are more details about the Talk by Rone & Gigi.

Rone & Gigi who are the top artists in the clown world will respond to our question about what clown is and show us what is like. I think the most important thing to us who are living with much stress and anxiety, is to have a flexible thinking and a sense of humor.

Following are programs of the Clown Talk.

First half: 

* What is the meaning of Clownish?
* Talk about a sense of humor which is originally from Western countries.
* Clown culture which is now spreading in Asia.
* the way of living which you will learn from Clown.

 <coffee break>

Second half 

* The things you need to become a professional clown. Daily training, etc.
* The difference between Professional clown and amateur clown. Recognition about the safety
* The importance of creating one's own character. Clown makeup shows it.
* The basic forms of clown. (demonstrate some forms.)
* What is a clowning ? Western actors and actresses know what a clown is and sometimes show it in
their TV or movie. You will be introduced to that scene.
* Technique of the way to make people laugh or relax.

What exciting content in the talk! This kind of talk will be held only at Taga Asahiya. In the break time, you will be served free Asahiya Shiratama Zenzai (Azuki bean sweet soup). Get into a more relaxed mindset by the clown talk and warm yourself with the Siratama Zenzai!