Friday, November 17, 2023







1講座3500円  2講座とも受講の場合は6500円

    Two Clown performances, Big Ears Show and the comedy music live "Life is Carnival" and Clown Talk were successfully over last weekend. It was because of RONE and Gigi's great performance and big applause and laugh by audience who were from not only nearby towns but also very distant places such as Yokohama, Kita Kyuushuu, as well as efforts of the staff who helped to set up stage and on performance day.

    It was amazing that the typical Japanese tatami room was transformed to a clown's performance stage. The show was funny and a scene that made us cry was inserted, then the climax was again lively. Now, the stage has disappeared and it's back to the Japanese tatami room again. I wonder if that amazing clown show really happened because it was such a wonderful world away from reality? Wasn't it a dream?

    I would like to share several photos of the show taken by Ms. S. Although there were no photos, the Clown Talk which was held on 11th, was so rich and valuable. RONE & Gigi who are 33years professional clowns trained in Europe and US explained what clown is, European humorous sense, difference between pro. clown and amature clown, etc.

    I would like to sincerely thank everyone involved in the event such as performers, audience and staff who helped me a lot.