Thursday, October 26, 2023







    Two Clown Shows by Rone & Gigi and their Talk Show will be coming soon.

    The Big Ear's Show will be a special version for the guests at Taga Asahiya with opportunities such as taking photos with R & G after the show, talking with R & G. Also, you will see R & G in the show just in front of you!

    The talk show will be very special because you might not have this occasion very often in other places. Rone and Gigi, who have over a thirty year-long career as a professional clown duo, will talk about "what clown is " which probably many people are wondering about. Knowing the difference between Western laughter and Japanese laughter, you will grasp the idea of Western thinking and it may release you from the pressure or stress in daily life. You will realize that Clown is philosophical and necessary for our life. It will be about two hours and have coffee time in between. We will serve free "Shiratama Zenzai" to the participants. Hope you will enjoy this Japanese sweet as well as the talk.

    As for Clown Live on 12th, it will be a new style which Rone & Gigi created. They will show us their skillful technique of clowning and laughter. There is no doubt that you will fall down laughing at their show.