Saturday, October 28, 2023


    ロネとジージのクラウンライブ「ライフ・イズ・カーニバル」の中で観客も座ったままで参加できるダンスです。え〜っ?無理!ムズカシイ.....分からへ〜ん! 恥ずかしい〜!!.......な〜んて思ってませんか? 大丈夫ジージとおんなじようにできなくても心配いりません。自分の動きでいいんです。ちょっと体を音楽に合わせて動かしてみる。案外見てるだけ、よりず〜っと楽しいですよ!!

    This is a dance in the Clown Live Show by Rone & Gigi which you can do from your seat. You might think "Oh no! It is too difficult for me. I don't know how to dance. I haven't done such a thing before and am embarrassed about it." Don't worry! It's ok. Just do your own movement. Try to sway along with the music. It's more fun than just watching.