Tuesday, October 17, 2023






 皆様のお申し込みをお待ちしています。(0749-48-0186 多賀あさひや)

    It turned to autumn before I knew it. We see autumn fruits such as chestnut, persimmon and tangerine orange.

    Now, November is an exciting month of clown Rone & Gigi's performances and talk at Taga Asahiya. This year became very busy for Rone & Gigi, because they had regular live performances at Tokyo and organized Clown Camp at Kiso in Nagano. In addition, they had more performances at the theatre of bookhouse in Tokyo, and were invited to the International Clown Festival in India to have clown performances with other award winning clowns from other countries. Rone and Gigi were also introduced widely as a "Front Runner" on the national popular newspaper. This newspaper article and photos got many people's attention and with this impact, the seats of R&G's live show were all sold out instantly! Therefore, I think this year was a break year for Rone & Gigi.

    Rone & Gigi had been walking a long and hard clown road. In Japan, we have traditional laughter such as Rakugo, Manzai and Kyogen, and Clown is a Western laughter culture. Although Clown is not very popular in Japan yet, Rone & Gigi got first or second place in the international Clown Contest in the past and I am very proud of them.

    Rone & Gigi will be coming to Taga again and give clown performances and a talk. I am looking forward to hearing about the experience in the Clown Festival in India at their clown talk. The Clown Show at my Japanese house will be very different from the stage in the big hall or live house in terms of the light effect and small number of staff, but you will watch their skilled clowning, songs and dances just in front of you.

    Please make a reservation for their performance!