Wednesday, September 27, 2023






    Marimba Concert by Fumito Nunoya successfully finished. Both people who came to the marimba concert for the first time and people who come to the concert every year listened to the marimba music intently which was beautifully created by Nunoya. The program ranged from classical music to Japanese music. They were either familiar to the Japanese audience or rhythmic and high tempo and needed high technical skill. All were breathtakingly wonderful. Nunoya doesn't put a music stand in front of the marimba. We made time in which Nunoya explained about the instrument of marimba and responded to the questions from the audience. Everybody looked very relaxed and Nunoya's words were sincere and warm then. I am sure many people loved him.

    The situation in my old Japanese house is far from a music hall which has a nice facility and the audience was too close to the marimba. It was not easy to play for the marimbist, Nunoya. However, from the side of the audience, we were in a nice situation because we could see the player's facial expression and even hear the player's breathing and we never experienced those if we were in a music hall.

    We listened to his beautiful music and were impressed. We also remember the image of Nunoya playing marimba with mallets just in front of us which was a nice and valuable time.

    I really thank Nunoya for playing such beautiful music. I also thank the people who came to the concert.