Saturday, September 30, 2023






    Harvest moon last night was so beautiful! I wanted to take a photo, but I knew that I couldn't do it with my poor camera in the cell phone. I just appreciated it and enjoyed it quietly.

    Well, this morning when I looked outside, I noticed that something was shining near the eave. It was a spider's web which was swaying in the wind. I usually take it off so as not to look like an untended garden, but this time I wanted to look at it closely. It was well done.The only thing I knew about spider's web was that the spiders put out the thread from their bodies. I wondered how they make the web, then I got the explanation from the internet.

    The wind takes the edge of the thread to the point on the other side, and the spider makes the thread strong by going back and forth. After stringing in different directions, the spider stretches the weft. The weft is sticky and when a prey is caught, the spider senses the vibration and goes to get it.

    The terrible summer heat seems to have gone away in the morning and evening, and we have a nice autumn breeze. This morning I learned about nature from a small spider.