Sunday, September 3, 2023

    マリンバ公演 by 布谷史人 9月23日(土)@ 多賀あさひや !!

    ドイツを拠点にヨーロッパ、アメリカ、日本で演奏活動を行っている布谷史人(ぬのや・ふみと)氏のマリンバは、その優れた演奏技術と表現力が世界的に高く評価されています。音楽ホールでなく古民家、多賀あさひやでのソロコンサート。観客間近の演奏を聴いて(見て)布谷さんの創り出す音楽との一体感を肌で感じてください。これは、大変貴重な機会です 。


    Marimba Concert by Fumito Nunoya on Saturday, Sep. 23 at Taga Asahiya !!

    Mr. Nunoya who is based in Germany, and performs in Europe, US and Japan, has been highly acclaimed in his technique and music expression. He will perform a solo concert not in the music hall but in an old Japanese folk house, Taga Asahiya. We hope you will appreciate his marimba close to him which is a very valuable opportunity.

    We have a few more available seats for the concert at 1pm and more seats at 5pm. Please do not miss this chance to those people who have not listened to Nunoya's marimba yet !!