Wednesday, July 12, 2023







    I went to my friend's musical play in Urawa which was forty minutes from Tokyo station by train. Since it started in the evening, I stayed over at my other friend's house in Tokyo. There, we talked a lot with each other until late at night. The next day, I went to Kappa-bashi in west Asakusa which is famous for the shops of kitchen tools.

    I randomly entered a small shop which was selling things made from bamboo. There, I found things which I was seeking and while I was looking around for other tools and asking some questions to the owner's wife, the owner came back from outside. He kindly explained about the difference between the thing which I took and another similar one. I appreciated his detailed explanation, and I was also very happy to hear him speak. He spoke in a very nice Tokyo dialect which was used in downtown Tokyo. 

    A couple of shop owners were very kind and since they asked about me, I told them that I was from Kansai (Western part of Japan), I run a cafe near Taga Shrine, and the relation between Taga Shrine and Ise Shrine.

    The owner gave me some information, and one of them was about the transportation from Kappabashi to Ueno Station. He told me about the bus service which is running in that area and I can take that bus from the nearby bus stop to the bus stop which is near the Ueno Station with 100 yen. It was very useful and I just followed his advice. I reached Ueno Station and took Tokyo Station by train to get Shinkansen.

    It was a nice visit to Kappabashi for me and I could feel the warmth of the people.