Sunday, July 30, 2023


    郊外に住む友人に会うためにボストン最大の鉄道駅のSouth Stationから近郊列車(commuter rail)に乗りました。South Stationは全米を結んでいるアムトラック(Amtrak)の発着駅でもありますが、MBTAと呼ばれるマサチューセッツ州の公共交通機関の駅でもあります。Tと呼ばれる全米最初の地下鉄や近郊列車、路線バスも発車しています。この日私はレンタカーの利用も考えましたが、郊外に行って帰るだけなので近郊列車を利用することにしました。





    I went to see my friend who lives in the suburbs of Boston by using a commuter rail. There was an idea to rent a car in my mind but I decided not to because I felt I should save my money for just visiting my friend and returning to Boston.

    South Station is the biggest station where Amtrak departs and leaves, and it is also a station of the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority). Inside the premises, I saw many people who were pulling their suitcases, buying food and drinks at the food stand, and it was so lively. Ticket window of commuter rail was next to Amtrak, and I asked for a return ticket. It was $8.00 for seniors.

    Now, I was kind of in a panic after this. Previously I had checked that the departure time of the commuter rail which I was supposed to get on was 10:50 a.m., but there was no track information on the board. However, soon track 3 was indicated for the train which was scheduled to depart at 10:50. I rushed to the train and just asked the conductor who was standing outside before getting on the train if it would be stopping at XX, he said NO and said the different destination. He only knew that his train departed at 10:50 and it didn't stop at my station. He said that I should listen to the announcement about the expected train in the station. The expected train was delayed 30 min, and finally I could get on the train at track 10.

    When I got off the train, I checked for the track which I was supposed to get on for my way back to Boston. After I said goodbye to my friend, I was waiting for the train on the track. A few people were waiting for the same train on the same track as I was, but the train didn't come on time. It was delayed again, and after a while, people suddenly started running toward the other track, going up the stairs. It seemed the train was coming on the same track as I got off a few hours ago. Of course I also ran to the other track to get the train.

    There was no ticket checking in the train car and it was so generous, but I thought that the commuter rail in this area is rather sloppy in terms of keeping time and track. I was so exhausted the whole day.