Tuesday, July 25, 2023


    ある人と待ち合わせの場所がハーバード美術館だったので行ってみました。以前はフォッグ美術館(Fogg Museum)として中世から現代の西洋絵画、彫刻などの展示の美術館でしたが暫く工事で閉館になっていました。改装が終わって中に入ると以前とは全く違うのでびっくり。聞くと、長期の閉館はハーバードの三つの美術館を一つに統合した拡張工事のためであったとのこと。




    Since I had an appointment and the meeting place was at HAM (Harvard Art Museums), I went there. It used to be the Fogg Museum which had many collections of Western paintings, sculptures from medieval to modern, but it was closed for a long time because of construction. When I entered the museum after the construction, I was surprised because the inside of the building was completely different from before. I knew then that the new one combined three museums in Harvard (the Fogg museum, Busch-Reisinger Museum and Arthur M. Sackler Museum).     

    The appearance of the new museum is the same as before but in fact, it became a six story building with a glass roof. According to the flyer, the number of the exhibition is over 250000 including many familiar great painters and sculptors works and it became free admission since last June!

    Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is famous for the tourists, but the Harvard Museums is a place which you should visit. The building next to the Museum is Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, which is the only building in North America designed by Swiss-born architect Le Corbusier.

    I went to the HAM at 10 a.m. for the meeting, then I left alone to look around the museum. When I was resting at the bench in the yard, a tour group lead by a Harvard student passed by or some family group came and took photos for the kids near me. I felt really relaxed in the quiet atmosphere surrounded by green, even though the temperature must have been high.