Friday, July 28, 2023


    ART(American Repertory theater)でロック・オペラのエビータ(EVITA)を観ました。数十年前に日本で日本人による公演を観ましたが、Shakespeare Thatre Companyによる今回の上演を知って興味津々、観たいと思いました。



    久しぶりのARTのステージには圧倒されましたが、同時にここにはある種のメッセージがあったことも事実です。それは劇場の壁に掛かっていたEVITAの看板横に大きく"Black Lives Matter"と書いてあったこと。それから手洗いは"All Genders"と書かれていて男女共用になっていたこと。不愉快極まりないです!私はAll Gendersトイレは絶対に困ると思っています。日本もこの傾向にあるようですが嘆かわしい限りです。

    I went to see the rock opera "EVITA" at ART (American Repertory Theatre). I watched it by a Japanese theatrical company in Japan decades ago, but I was just curious about watching it performed by ART.
Well, when I entered the stage hall, I saw a white dress hanging from the center ceiling on the stage which was obviously a symbol of Evita and white flowers completely covered the stage. It prefaced the performance that was about to begin and gave a strong impact. Loeb Drama Theatre which is ART's home base is not a very big theatre hall such as the theatre in NY Broadway, and it is affiliated with Harvard University.

    The more people come to take their sheets, the louder the noise became in the orchestra pit. When the audience lights went off, the Spanish announcement started first which seemed like a stage effect because EVITA is Argentinian.

    The two and half hour performance including intermission was overwhelming. The original casting of Evita, the main character, was a black woman but a latino woman was the swing on this day. She and other members who sang solo parts were so good, the dancing by the ensemble was amazing, arch shaped large props and the stage elevator were effectively used and stage lights were also excellent. When the show was over, the audience gave a standing ovation and I had the same rating for this performance.

    I had not watched an ART performance in a long time, and it was really amazing and powerful. On the other hand I also felt that they gave us a certain message. I saw a big sign which said "Black Lives Matter '', and "All Genders" was written outside the restroom. As for the restroom, I felt very uncomfortable with this. I don't like this "all genders' restroom" at all. Japan is changing in the same way, and that is upsetting to me.