Sunday, April 30, 2023




    I have been joining Yoga circle Thursday afternoon at the town public hall three times a month since April. I have a little problem in my left hip joint, so I do some exercise at home but I feel it is not enough, so I decided to be a member of the yoga circle which my friend has been doing for years.

    It was a fine day with a gentle breeze. When I went to the backyard of the building, members were already there placing yoga mat on the picnic sheet forming a big circle from the instructor who was under a cherry tree. There was an empty spot which got sunlight though, so I took my space there. Wearing sunglasses and putting on a hat, I did yoga for the first time outside. After several poses following the instruction for an hour, I lay on my back and saw the blue sky. The moon was there ahead of the branch of the tree. It was a really refreshing time for my mind and body.