Wednesday, April 26, 2023




    Taga Taisha Spring Festival was held on the 22nd. This year, the main person of the festival was Mr. S.Nakagawa who is a resident of Hikone and an executive chairman of SHOWA VALVE CO., LTD. He had done many Shinto rituals with his wife and the highlight was the procession with about 40 horses with people.

    The day before Taga Taisha Festival, it was a festival day of Konomiya Shrine and the day was set from several hundred years ago. Konomiya Shrine is in Binmanji which is near Taga Taisha and it is also a very old shrine. According to the people in Binmanji, young adult local people carry Mikoshi which is a portable shrine in which the spirit of a deity temporarily reposes during a festival and is carried on the shoulders of them. I don't know the exact weight but it is easily over one ton. They carried Mikoshi and walked through the main street in Binmanji and finally carried it up to the shrine which is on the hill. The way to the shrine is stairs and it is unbelievably hard to carry such a heavy Mikoshi to the shrine even with 40 men's power. When the spirit of the deity gets back to the Konomiya shrine, the festival is over. Then, the head of the shrine led the spirit with Sakaki (sacred Shinto tree) to Taga Taisha to report in Shinto way that Konomiya Shrine's festival was over. Taga Taisha takes over that report and starts their festival. It is held in the late afternoon and I saw this Shinto ritual for the first time at Taga Taisha. Since even most of the local people don't know about this ritual, only a few people observed the scene. The priest of Taga Taisha who wore a white costume walked ahead of the head of the chief priest of Konomiya Shrine saying something which I had never heard. I was curious about what he was saying. Luckily I could ask about this to Mr.N who is the Honorary chief priest at Taga Taisha when he stopped by my cafe the next day. He said that a Shrine priest makes that sound while he is leading god. I was just curiously watching them pass by me and taking photos, but I regret now that I should have made a more respectful bow to god.