Wednesday, April 12, 2023





    I received five kinds of flowers which I saw for the first time from a customer who came from Hikone to visit the exhibition " Dyeing/weaving & Japanese paintings by two artists" which is held pleasantly at my cafe. The customer kindly told me the names of the plants, so I took a note of them.

    The flower of black buds is Kurorohbai (Strawberry shrub) which is one of the seasonal flowers arranged for a tea ceremony. Sangomizuki (Coral dogwood) is the one whose stem is red and the pure white flowers are Rikyu-bai (Exochorda racemosa). Many small white buds are Uno-hana (deulzia), and the pink flowers are peaches.

    The lady who gave the flowers to me is knowledgeable about dyeing and weaving. She said that she was trained in dyeing and weaving at Toyama prefecture when she was young. The conversation between these two people in the same field seemed very enthusiastic and pleasant even though they met each other for the first time. The lady is over 80. She is humble and quiet but seems to have a calm and firm will which is very nice. Her friend who is a photographer came with her and is also very charming and good at talking. This gathering of three artists plus me made for a pleasant time at the guest room in my cafe.