Thursday, April 6, 2023






    Two-person exhibition of dyeing and weaving/kimono & Japanese paintings by Madoka Kubo and Ayane Kubo has been held at Taga Asahiya since April 4th.

    Dyeing and weaving/kimono is by Madoka who is the mother of Ayane. She dyes threads, weaves obi (kimono sash) or cloth and sews kimono with it. I am overwhelmed by the long process, by the design of the patterns and color scheme, and by the detailed work. Madoka often used a plant dye method which is said to be an ancient Japanese dye method. Indeed when you look at her kimono, you feel very tender and calm.

    Japanese paintings are the works of Ayane who is the daughter of Madoka. She got many awards and her work was selected as a Special Prize at the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition in 2017. Unfortunately, we can not see her award winning paintings this time because they are too big to carry in. However it will be fun to find what the painter is thinking and her expression through her works.

    I hope you will appreciate the two artists' different expressions. The exhibition will be until April 23rd.