Friday, March 3, 2023





    There are four elementary schools, one middle and one high school in my district. Recently the middle school and the high school became one and a big building at the high school site was named Belmont Middle High school. Since it happened, various changes occured and one of them is parking space for student's cars. My house is near the high school and there is a wide street where a bus is running between the school and my house. When I came to Boston this time, I was surprised that both sides of the street became a parking space for the high school student's car. 

    In Japan people are able to get a driver's license when you become 18 years old, but in Massachusetts you can get it at the age of 16 and half years old (it is different depending on the state, though). So Japanese high school students go to their school by walking or by train and bus but many high school students in the US go to school by car. In my area, students park their cars at the space at the parking lot in school or designated on the side of the road. 

    Since elementary, middle and high schools were in the Spring Break last week, nobody parked the car on the road, so it was very spacious, but the break is over and many students have been parking their cars on the side of the street again.