Thursday, March 23, 2023




    It's Vernal Equinox Day. It is also called "Ohigan" in Japanese and traditional sasonal event was held in Japan each spring and autumn. People visit their family's graves and pray for their ancestors.

    I visited the grave yesterday, and it's been a while since the last time which made me feel relieved now. My family's grave is on the mountain and I went up there by my electric assist bicycle. When I got to the water supply area, a man was cleaning a metal tube for flowers. Starting from just greeting each other, we knew that we were neighbors a long time ago when I was very small. His house used to be prestigious, such as the landlord where a feudal lord stayed over in the Edo period and I remember the old gate in his house. When I said goodbye to him, I said "please say hello to your ancestor". I thought that it was a phrase that I could say only at graveyards. I somehow had a pleasant feeling.