Thursday, March 23, 2023





    Around Vernal Equinox Day, it is said that sparrows start to build a nest, and all living creatures move actively at the same time as cherry blossoms start to open.

    Now, I am pleased to announce that we will have an annual Noh event at Taga Asahiya on Sunday, 14th May. We will have five noh actors and players; Hisa Uzawa (shite actor in Kanze School), Hikaru Uzawa (shite actor in Kanze School), Tomonobu Sadamitsu (flute in Morita School), Yasuko Hisada (small hand drum in Ohkura School), Yasuyuki Morita (large hand drum in Kanze School). In the early summer breeze, noh recitation, dance and musical accompaniment will be performed seriously but peacefully and brightly. If you haven't watched noh performance before, please feel free to come! I am sure you will enjoy it and it will be a memorable day.

    Tickets will be ready by phone (0749-48-0186) or email (