Saturday, March 18, 2023



    I went to 6 grader's class for story telling this morning. Up until 3rd graders, they have storytelling mostly every week, but it comes only once a semester from 4 to 6 graders. Thinking over what I will read for them, since it was the first time for me to visit 6 graders' class, I chose "Yodaka no hoshi"(The Nighthawk Star) (by Kenji Miyazawa) which I like very much. It will be over ten minutes if I read the full book so I made it shorter in order to be finished in ten minutes by cutting some parts which don't affect the main story. The final action of Yodaka (Japanese goatsucker), who had been alienated from other birds, was devastating and it deeply moved me. Since I was afraid of taking over time, I read rather rapidly, but children listened to my reading intently and it made me very happy.