Wednesday, March 15, 2023


    日ごと春めいて、心も軽やかに弾むこの頃です。そんな季節にぴったりのお知らせです。久保円(まどか)さんと久保文音(あやね)さん母子による「染織 きものx絵画 日本画」のふたり展を多賀あさひやにて開催します。期間は4月4日(火)~23日(日)。




    Spring is comming in the air day by day and we have more light feeling these days. I would like to make an announcement in such a nice mood. It is a Kimono and Japanese paintings exhibition by two artists, Madoka Kubo and Ayane Kubo who are mother and daughter. The exhibition starts April 4th till 23rd.

    Madoka is a dyer & weaver living in Taga and Ayane is a Japanese-style painter living in Chiba. Madoka was awarded in the Dyeing Weaving New Artists Exhibition in 1995. Madoka also got many awards, and in particular she was awarded in the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition in 2016 and 2017.

    During the exhibition term, a Weaving Workshop will be held 13:00~15:30 on 8th and 15th by Madoka using thread dyed with plants.

    I am impressed by the colors and composition in both Madoka and Ayanes' works. I hope you will come and enjoy their works.