Saturday, February 5, 2022




    When I went to Taga Taisha to get the "warding off of evil" this morning, I saw many people there and knew that it was a holiday for the end of winter. I heard that the annual event of scattering perched beans by men and women who turn 60 years old was cancelled this year to prevent the spread of coronavirus but I saw people sitting in a front shrine hall for worship to celebrate and they were supposed to scatter beans on the stage outside. Shortly after, they came out and started scattering them saying " Good Luck in! Bad luck out!". The difference between previous year and this year was that usually onlookers were scrambling to try to catch the pack of beans which are called "Lucky Beans" from the people on the stage but this time onlookers had to stay far from the stage and just look at them scattering beans. It was peacefully done but I enjoyed that rare event. After scattering, we received a couple of packs of Lucky Beans from shrine people. I also enjoyed scattering beans at home with my friends in the night and celebrated the welcoming of spring.

    By the way, Since Buddha died on Feb. 15th, I hung a scroll at the alcove and it is an image of the Buddha entering nirvana .