Sunday, February 13, 2022




    I finally replaced shohji paper which looked awfully bad before. Usually when I do this, I take the shohji frame first and wash to take the paper off, but this time since the snow which had accumulated a couple days ago still remained outside and the shohji frame was big and heavy, I decided to spray the paper stuck on the wood to make soaking wet and took the paper off. Then pasted with a brush to put on Shohji paper. I measured the length and cut the paper beforehand but it was actually a little bit too short from the size I expected. On top of that, because the paste was too thin or the paper was too strong and didn't stick to the wood, I was struggling with this work. I would never say that it was a good job, but since it was so cold and I wanted to end the work as early as possible, I was forced to quit my work.

    In the afternoon, I went to a grocery store in Hikone. Both the wind and sunlight were mild which made me feel happy. Even though the mountains were still covered with snow, I felt that Winter is going away day by day.