Friday, February 25, 2022





    There are times I am surprised at the fact that Boston is different from the last time I was here. One of them is the garbage collection. Before, we put the garbage in the bin which was provided by the city, and a man from the garbage collecting truck picked up the bin and threw the garbage into the truck. It means there were two people, driver and pick up person , working together. This time, each family has a huge trashcan instead of a small bin.

    Today was collecting day and I was very curious about how they pick up the bin and take the garbage away. Since my husband let me know the truck was coming, I rushed to get out of my house with my smartphone, but the truck had already finished picking up our garbage as well as the neighbors'. I ran after the truck so I could take pictures of how the truck works. Surprisingly the truck stopped and the driver came outside and said to me "What's wrong ?". He might have thought that I was running after him to tell that there was something wrong with his job. I said "No,no, I just wanted to take pictures because I was very interested in how you take the garbage away." "Oh, sorry" said the driver and got back to the truck. I felt sorry to stop his work and I laughed at myself because it must have looked like an unusual thing to do when I ran after the garbage truck with my camera and it made him surprised.

    The garbage truck comes once a week to take the regular trash once or twice a month for the recycled one. It was really amazing that the driver handled the arm from the truck very well to pick up the big garbage bin and after throwing in the garbage he retracted the arm, then went to the next garbage bin quickly.