Sunday, February 20, 2022






    I am in the US for the first time in two years since I left. I have been living calmly almost the same as before the corona matter in the countryside, Shiga, and was very surprised to face the reality of the corona restrictions when I left.

    First, the bus which is from Tokyo Station to Narita Airport had only three people including me whereas usually people are lining up to get on the bus. At Narita Airport, most of the counters were closed and very few people were in the terminal. When I went up to the second floor where shops and restaurants were located, most of them were closed and the scenes were not lively at all and made me very sad. At the delivery counter where I needed to receive my suitcase which I sent to the airport beforehand, the person in charge said that the vacancy had been continuing for two years since covid-19 matter happened. After boarding the airplane, I knew that only a couple of people were in the cabin, which might have been less than crew members. Although I received very good service during the flight from every cabin attendant, I sympathize with them as it is now a rare opportunity for them to have their duties as flight attendants. I was also very concerned about this economic prostration in Japan due to the Covid-19.

    On the other hand, at Honolulu airport where I made a transfer, I saw many people walking lively there, although I guess it was not the same as usual. In the airplane which I transferred to Boston, nearly 80 % of the seats were filled, which seemed the same as before Covid-19 except everyone was wearing their masks.

    Well, I am now in Boston. When I arrived at Logan airport four days ago, the temperature and weather were very different from Honolulu. It was covered with snow and the temperature was −10℃. Even though I am transitioning into a normal life, I am still sleepy, maybe because of jet lag.