Saturday, February 26, 2022




    I was expecting that Boston would have lots of snow today because the weather information came yesterday, but it did not accumulate as much as I expected which made me relieved. The end of last year we had terrible snow in my area, in the north east part of Shiga, and it damaged a lot of roofs of many houses which included my house. Now, I am afraid of the cost to repair.

    Since Boston is a cold district like Hokkaido, each house and the city takes countermeasures against snowfall well. The roof of the house is very different from a Japanese house which doesn't have much snow on it, and the city provides snowplows very often so as not to have problems with traffic. Most of the families have snowblowers, so they can easily eliminate snow but we shovel because we don't have a snowblower. An iron thin dog is located outside the entrance door. It seems people came to the house with snowy shoes to eliminate the snow which sticks to the bottom of the shoes. I like this because it exists only in shoe culture countries.