Sunday, January 30, 2022



    Special talk by Shusei Yamada which was held at my cafe was amazing! Knowing the desert very well, running through the Sahara desert thirty times, controlling the motorbike depending on the situation which happens in a desert which is unusual in nature, Mr. Yamada talked about his experience of the Paris-Dakar Rally which people say is the most dangerous and severe. His talk was fun and powerful. It was extremely dangerous to ride a motorbike in the Sahara desert. He said that being yourself is the most important thing to protect your life, and to not focus on the dangerous part while you still have pleasant experiences despite the dangerous situation. He says it is the same in daily life. As for making the judgment about whether you follow a wheel track or make your own way, he talked about this when he faced a situation where he had a car accident and he needed to walk by foot for about 150 km to the oasis to save his and his assistant's life. Mr. Yamada also said that he had three objectives for his goal in places like the desert where the landform easily changes. His talk offered great advice on how to live in modern society.