Saturday, January 22, 2022




    I went to Taga Junior High School for story telling carrying a poem book series edited by Mitsuko Hase and published by Fuzanboh. Just before I entered, the teacher was talking to his class about their achievement test, so the atmosphere was tense. I read some short poems and wanted to see the students' reactions, but it was a little hard because their masks obscured their facial expression. After reading a poem of Kappa ( water imp in ponds and rivers) by Shuntaro Tanikawa, I invited them to read the same poem together. During the time I asked them to repeat the line after me, they concentrated on reading the short funny poem more and more and took the rhythm of the words. At the end, I asked one boy and girl to read it alone. The class was very excited and cheered at the end. I was so excited, too.

    Coming back home, I went to Taga Taisha to receive new year's prayer as a representative of my Neighborhood association which usually all members are supposed to receive but because of coronavirus ,only three members received it. We sat in a shrine hall of worship. It was a very impressive moment while we were listening to shinto prayer by a shrine priest.