Sunday, January 30, 2022




    It is the season of making miso. People who want to make their own miso got together at my cafe and followed the instruction which was given by Ms.O who is a veteran of making miso. We needed soybeans (1.5kg), malted rice (2kg) and salt (800g) to make 5kg of miso. It was a very simple way in which we used our hands and feet for mixing and crushing soybeans and without using any machine. Ms. O repeated that the important thing was to crush while the soybeans were hot so all members worked very hard to crush hot soybeans which were just drained through a strainer into a big plastic bag. After that, we made soybean balls, threw them into a jar strongly in order not to let the air in to prevent mold, flattened the surface and covered with board sake lees. We will let them age for about 9 months to make good miso.

    In the afternoon, I went to Hikone to buy vegetables, meat, and fish to prepare Bento. On my way back home, the top of white Ryozen Mountain was so beautiful and I felt very refreshed.