Friday, May 14, 2021



    It was the first storytelling at Taga Junior High School in the new semester. I chose a picture book titled "Udon vs. Ramen" which is written by Rokudai Tanaka. Udon noodles and Ramen compete with each other to see which one is better. There are many nonsensical lines and pictures such as "Tied up with Udon noodles''," Cover with a roasted pork fillet", or " Flying Way on the fried Tofu". Storytelling of this book was challenging to me because it had a different taste compared to other books which I have chosen before, but I chose it among several books which I have researched. I thought that students must like a book about food and would be interested in a story that contains a lot of nonsensical and funny lines. While I was reading, several male students were laughing at the story but most of them were looking at me sitting up straight. Classroom teacher, principal, vice principal and head teacher of a grade were standing and watching in the back of the classroom in a suit and tie. Since it was an unrelaxed atmosphere, I asked students to raise their hand about their favorite one among Udon, Ramen, Soba and Spaghetti and around that point, it seemed they started relaxing. A couple of students said they like all of them. I thought it was the same as me because I like all kinds of noodles as well!