Saturday, May 15, 2021


    Yesterday was a regular closing day, and when I was cleaning the house, I suddenly remembered that Mr. H was saying "Chionanthus retusus in Taga Taisha is fully blossomed now." Chionanthus in Japanese is NANJYA MONJYA and it literal meaning is "what is that?". I heard it for the first time and since it sounds so funny, I asked Mr. H what it is. He showed me some pictures from his cell phone and explained that it is a precious tree and Taga shrine has some.

    Fortunately I had time, so I decided to go to the shrine to see the tree. I could find NANJYA MONJYA at the location near the arch bridge where Mr. H gave directions. There were two trees full of elegant white flowers and both were tall but rather thin. I got web information at home that NANJYA MONJYA is a nickname and it is Chionanthus retusus in Oleaceae. The soft white flowers of NANJYA MONJYA are in full bloom now. The old maple tree near torii (shrine gate) has branches full of fresh green leaves, and it is very beautiful. I felt so calm and peaceful surrounded by those deep, quiet early summer trees.