Wednesday, May 5, 2021




    In the morning, when I went out from the back door, I found a big black bee was flying making a noise. Last year, since I experienced having someone get rid of two different honeycombs, I am trying to watch around my house this year. The black bee was flying near the bamboo bars outside the bathroom window, and sometimes walking on the bamboo bars. I thought it was not a good sign and I needed to pay attention. 

    After closing the cafe I went out the back door again and looked at the bamboo bars, then I shouted without thinking because I found a big hole there! That black bee made it! There was no bee around there, I took out insecticide from my house and sprayed toward the hole. I also carefully checked other bamboo bars and found another hole in the back side of the last bar. I sprayed it again strongly, then I heard a strange noise inside the bar. "Is bee inside?" I was afraid of bees coming out from the hole because it might come toward me to attack. Shortly a black big bee came out slowly, so I ran away to my house. According to web info, the black bee is called "Xylocopa tranquilis" and it is an alien species which builds a nest on bamboo. I was surprised that the black bee has such a sharp stinger which makes a big hole in bamboo within several hours. I have seen several kinds of bees and honeycombs around my house since last year, and they make me very depressed. I am also in a gloomy feeling about this big black bee.