Tuesday, May 11, 2021



    When I was in the bathroom area, I heard a noise from outside again which a big black bee made the other day. I thought it had gone because I sprayed insecticide into the hole in bamboo bars where the black bee tried to make her(?) beehive and I wondered if another bee might be coming. I went outside to check it. There was no bee and I found that the noise was made by an electric saw and it came from my neighbor. I laughed at myself who was afraid of hearing the noise of an electric saw which sounds like a black bee. The noise was getting closer and it seemed that they were cutting trees and bushes in the neighbor's backyard, so I went to see what was happening because of my curiosity. I was taken aback at the sight where most of the trees and bushes were cut and only an open space was left there. Then, suddenly a cat came out from my right side. I was very surprised by that and I unconsciously made a loud voice. Surprised at my loud voice, workers stopped the machine and came toward me wondering what had happened. I said " You made a broader space, didn't you?" to one of the workers but in fact I felt very sorry for interrupting their work with my loud voice. Maybe the cat which came out suddenly from my right side was also surprised by me while she was resting on the shelf where flowerpots were stacked below. I am ashamed of my unnecessary action caused by my curiosity.