Tuesday, December 22, 2020

いつもお世話になっているS.Kさんがスイセンと珍しい花を持ってきてくださいました。クラリンドウというそうです。さっそく座敷と次の和室に飾らせていただきました。スイセンは壷に挿している時から甘い香りが部屋いっぱいに広がり一足先に春が訪れたような華やかさです。クラリンドウは蕾のついた花の房がたらりと下がって壷に挿すと瑞々しく光りながら思うところに伸びている葉とのバランスがとてもいい感じ。昼間はかなりの花が咲いていましたが夕方になるとまた蕾に戻っていました。お正月まで残すところ10日ほど。ブレーキがかかっているのに進んでいるというか、とまどいながらも取り敢えず支度はしておくという何とも曖昧な心持ちのこの頃です。Ms. S.K who often helps me, kindly brought flowers from her home. One of the two kinds is daffodil and the other one which I saw for the first time is called clerodendrum wallichii, from what Ms. S.K told me. I put them into vases in the alcove of the guest room and the next room. Daffodil smells so sweet and the room is filled with a nice fragrance which makes me feel as if spring has already come. As for clerodendrum wallichii, the clusters of buds hang downward and they look nice balanced with the fresh shining leaves which go in different directions randomly. In the daytime, many buds were opened, but when it gets the evening they go back to buds again. We have almost ten days until New Year's Day. I feel like I am continuing to move forward although my brakes are on. It's an ambiguous feeling which I am bewildered about but I am prepared for the New Year anyhow.