Monday, May 11, 2020

朝は曇っていましたが次第に五月晴れの良い天気になりました。このところ散歩に出る以外は家に一人で引きこもっているので生活に変化をもたらすには自分で何か工夫する以外はないように思います。五月人形を片付け床の間の掛け軸なども変えてみると気分が一新。S.Yさんからいただいた花がひっそりした家を賑やかにしてくれています。アヤメかショウブか例によって名前が覚束ないのですが舞い扇の絵柄とマッチしていることに気づき嬉しくなりました。昨日は母の日だったので今日は思い立って母の好物だったちらし寿司を作りました。関東のお寿司屋さんでちらし寿司というとすしご飯の上に生魚や卵焼きが乗っているものが出てきますが、関西の私のところでは具がすしご飯に混ぜてあるものをちらし寿司とかバラ寿司と言っています。家へ来てくださったお客様にも少しお持ち帰りいただきました。It was cloudy in the morning but gradually it became a beautiful day in May. These days I usually stay at home alone except for taking a walk. In order to vary your simple life, I think you need to come up with good ideas by yourself. I put away the Boys' May Festival dolls and changed the hanging scroll, which worked. I felt refreshed. The flowers from Mrs. S.Y make the quiet house brilliant. I am not sure whether the name of the blue flower is iris or calamus, but I am glad to notice they are the same flowers on the fan used for Japanese dance in the alcove. Since yesterday was Mother's Day, I decided to make Chirashi-zushi (a type of sushi) which was the favorite dish of my mother, who passed away a long time ago. If you go to a sushi restaurant and ask for Chirashi-zushi in the Tokyo area, you will be served a dish which consists of different kinds of seafood on top of vinegar rice. But in my area (Kansai) we mix many ingredients ( mainly seasoned vegetables) in the vinegar rice. We call it Chrashi-zushi or Bara-zushi (scattered sushi). In the afternoon my friend stopped by my house, so I put some in a container and gave it to her for her supper.