Saturday, May 2, 2020

昨日今日と汗ばむほどの陽気です。2日前に書いた文章でタイムリーでなく申し訳ないのですが写真も撮ったので一応ここに。左足の調子が悪くしばらく散歩を控えていた(といっているけど実はサボリ)ですが、運動不足の解消に久しぶりに歩いて外に出てみました。まあ気持ちのいいことと言ったらありません!多賀町を取り囲む山々が水田に映えるのは田植え前の今だけの景色かもしれません。田植えをしているところもありました。後ろに苗をぎっしり積み込んだ田植え機が田んぼを進んでいくのを見るのは初めてです。「なあるほど…」としばらく感心しながら見ていました。腰をかがめながら手作業で苗を植えていくのとは効率が全然ちがいます。農地用の川の水は豊富で音もなくかなりの速さで流れていました。聞こえてくるのは小鳥のさえずりばかり。コロナがなければ平和そのものです。一周して神社まで帰ってくるともみじの緑が空を覆うように広がっていました。It's sweaty weather these two days. Please excuse the fact that I wrote this two days ago and it is not timely. I hesitated walking because of a problem with my left leg (having said that it was actually just my laziness), I thought I needed exercise, so I went out for a walk after a long time. Oh, I felt so good! It is a limited season that I can see the reflection of the outline of the mountains which surround the Taga area on the surface of the rice paddies filled with water for rice-planting. There was a paddy field in the middle of planting. I saw a rice-planting machine working in a paddy field carrying compacted young plants. It was an amazing movement of planting. There is a big difference between planting by hand and by machine in terms of efficiency. The stream for irrigation was plentiful and running fast quietly. I could hear only the birds singing. Everything was peaceful if we didn't think about Coronavirus. When I got back to Taga shrine, the fresh green leaves of Japanese maple tree were spreading over my head.