Friday, August 9, 2019

夏空を背景にサルスベリのピンクが鮮やかに映えています。「百日紅」と書いて「さるすべり」..... 初めて知りました。 うだるような暑さの中、この明るい花は私達を元気にしてくれるためにあるような気がします。 山々の深い緑、真っ白な雲、そして古民家の屋根、目下、サルスベリは一圓屋敷の主役です。Crape myrtle is blooming brightly against the background of the summer sky. In Japanese we call it "Sarusuberi (lit. even monkeys slip on this tree)" and today I learned the Kanji of it as 百日紅 for the first time. On this boiling hot day, I feel as if the pinkish vivid flowers make me more cheerful. You will see mountains with deep green, white clouds above them, roofs of old Japanese houses, but this crape myrtle definitely stands out as the star at Ichien-yashiki