Sunday, June 23, 2019

プロのクラシック・サクソフォン・アンサンブル「ミ・ベモル」(音楽監督:前田昌弘氏) の演奏会を栗東芸術文化会館さきらに聴きにいってきました。このアンサンブルの存在を知ったのは、去年カフェのお客様としてお見えになった女性二人が店内にあったマリンバの布谷史人さんの公演チラシを見て「私達もクラシックサクソフォンをするんですよ」とおっしゃったのがきっかけで、サクソフォンはジャズやブラスバンドでしか知らなかった私はクラシックと聞いて驚き、お名前と連絡先を教えていただいたのが始まりです。Youtubeで演奏を聴いてそのレベルの高さにびっくりし、お客様だった亀井友恵さん(バリトン・サックス)、山本恵さん(ソプラノ・サックス)のファンになりました。今回、生で演奏を聴かせていただいたのは初めてです。6種類のサクソフォンで24人の皆さん一人一人が巧みな技量で音を織りなし曲を創りあげて、まるでオーケストラのような広がりと深み、そして繊細な演奏でした。素晴らしいサクソフォンアンサンブル「ミ・ベモル」。メンバーの皆さんに心から拍手を送ります。I went to the concert of Mi-Bemol Saxophone Ensemble (Artist Director: Masahiro Maeda ) at Ritto Art And Culture Center Sachira. It's a professional classic saxophone ensemble. I know of this ensemble from customers who came to my cafe last year. They were two women who saw a flier for Marimbist Fumito Nunoya's performance at Taga Asahiya and one of the women said that they were professional classical saxophone players. I was surprised because to my knowledge saxophone is played in jazz or brass band and I had no idea of the existence of aprofessional classical saxophone ensemble. One of them left me their names and her email address as well as the name of the ensemble. I listened to their music on youtube and admired their high level of music and I became a big fan of the two women, Ms. Tomoe Kamei (Baritone Saxophone) and Megumi Yamamoto (Soprano Saxophone). Today was the first time for me to listen to their music live. They have six kinds of saxophones (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass and Tubax), and each one of the 24 members creates beautiful music with their high level of technique. Their music was really large scale like an orchestra and the sound was deep and sensitive. Bravo Mi-Bemol! I will send my applause to all of the members!