Friday, April 26, 2019

昨日は用事があって自転車で高宮の中山道を通りました。高宮は昔、近江国犬上郡にあって中山道の江戸から数えて64番目の宿場で 今は彦根市高宮町になっています。道幅が狭いこの街道は車の通行は似合わず写真で見ると電柱電線がまったく邪魔でがっかりしますが この通りはなかなか風情があっていい感じです。通りかかってふと見ると、何と提灯(ちょうちん)屋さん! 高宮には提灯やがあると聞いていましたが、ここだったのかと、思わず自転車を道脇に止めて写真を撮りました。先日の多賀大社の 古例祭の時も家の前に大きな祭提灯を下げましたが、それもここの職人さんが作ったに違いありません。 何とも言えずカッコイ〜イ!お店です。Yesterday, I went to Takamiya which is a town next to Taga and I went along Nakasendo with my bicycle. In Edo period, Takamiya was the 64th inn town on the road named Nakasendo from Edo (Tokyo) to Kyoto. It was only for people and horses in the old days, so the street is narrow which does not suit modern cars, and when I saw the photo which I took, I was so disappointed by the telephone poles and electrical wires. Even though they insensitively disturb the calmness here, I liked this tasteful street very much. When I was about to pass by, a big white paper lantern came into my view. It was a Paper lantern shop! There was a time I heard that there is a paper lantern shop in Takamiya. I immediately realized that this was it and got off the bicycle and put it at the side of the street to take photos. There is a big paper lantern for festival in my house and I hang it down in front of my entrance door on the day of the Taga Taisha Spring Old Festival, which was a couple days ago. I am sure the craft man of this paper lantern shop must have made it. This paper lantern shop is sooo cool!