Saturday, April 20, 2019

知り合いの方からワラビをいただきました。わらびは春から初夏にかけて平原や谷間の酸性土壌に生息するシダ科の 山菜とwikipediaにありました。調理するには灰汁(あく)抜きから始めなければならないので、灰も一緒について いました。ワラビを調理するのは初めてです。教えてもらった通りに沸騰した灰汁に漬けて一晩置き、よく洗って 更に水を取り替えながら漬けて調理の下準備をしました。さて、これをどう調理して食べるかただいま試案中です。I got Warabi (bracken from my acquaintance. According to information from Wikipedia, Warabi is a species of fern. It is abundant in sunny places such as grasslands, valley and wilderness. It prefers to grow in acidic soil, and is counted as one of the wild vegetables. From spring to summer, we collect young shoots (leaves) whose leaves are not open yet and use them as sprouts. Since we need to remove the harshness before it is cooked, I also got ash with Warabi. It was my first challenge both to remove harshness of Warabi and to cook them. As I learned from my acquaintance, I first put Warabi in boiled ash water and took them out, washed them clean, and placed the Warabi in water overnight. Now it is time to cook. I am in the middle of thinking how I should cook and eat it.