Monday, April 29, 2019

二月に風野工房、染色布展を「多賀あさひや」でして下さった野田さんの工房展が永源寺の工房兼ご自宅で開催されていて、本日S.Kさんに車で連れていっていただきました。 今日はいつもの静かな雰囲気とは少し違って、子供さんが沢山いて家の中は賑やか。 野田さんのリクエストでお友達の若いご夫婦のライブコンサートも始まり楽しかったです。 野田さんを通じて知り合った陶芸家、ガラス工芸家の方達ともお会いできて嬉しかったです。 皆さんとお別れして、駐車場のところまで来たら、家のむこうに山々が見え、 少し出てみると、山桜と新緑の混ざった素晴らしい山の景色が目前に迫っていました。 見事な景色に圧倒されました。Since the dyeing textile exhibition by Mr. & Mrs. Noda is being held at their home in Ehgenji now, Ms. S.K took me there with her car. They also held an exhibition at my cafe this February. I have been to their exhibition several times, and it was always a very quiet atmosphere but today was a bit different from others. Many kids who were Noda's grand children and Noda's friends were there and it was a very friendly atmosphere there. Upon Noda's request, they had a live concert by a young couple who are Noda's son's friends. We enjoyed it very much. I was also glad to meet and talk to ceramic artists and a glass artist to whom Noda introduced me before. After saying goodbye to them, when we came to parking lot, we saw a mountain behind houses. We walked a little ahead to see more. A beautiful mountain view was just in front of us, in which wild cherry blossoms and fresh verdure were mixed. We were overwhelmed by this spectacular view.