Monday, April 15, 2019

あっと言う間に4月も半ばになってしまいました。 東北や北海道の桜の開花情報が聞こえていますが、滋賀の桜はこのところの強い風に吹雪のごとく散っています。 縦長の日本らしく順々に桜の風景が北上して面白いと思います。 さて、お知らせです。来る6月1日(土曜日)に能楽師大倉流大鼓の大倉正之助氏をお招きして公演をしていただきます。 大鼓はお囃子の中の一つの楽器ですが、大倉正之助さんは単独で独自の手法で演奏なさることでも有名で、日本は勿論、 世界各国でも活躍していらっしゃいます。多賀あさひやの古民家に大倉さんの神秘的で深い、うっとりと するような大鼓の調べが響きわたるのが楽しみです。是非、お出で下さい。 April is going by fast and it is already the middle of the month. I hear flowering information of Sakura from Tohoku and Hokkaido , but at the same time cherry blossoms in this area are falling because of the strong wind these days. By the way, I would like to announce the performance of Ohtsuzumi (Large hand drum) by Shonosuke Okura which will be held on June 1st. Ohtsuzumi is one of the instruments which serves as the musical accompaniment of Noh, and Master Shonosuke Okura is famous for being a solo performer who plays the large hand drum in his special way. He is playing actively not only in Japan but also around the world. It is a great pleasure to have him in my cafe, Taga Asahiya. You will enjoy his deep, mysterious and beautiful sound resonate in my old Japanese house. I would like to share the feeling of the excitement.