Sunday, April 29, 2018


祝日「昭和の日」なので昭和天皇のお顔を思い出しながら国旗を立てました。因みに絵馬通りで国旗を立てているのはウチだけかもしれません。昔は「旗日(はたび)」と言って祝日には多くの家で国旗を立てたものですがいつの間に皆さん日の丸の国旗を立てなくなってしまったのでしょう。さて、端午の節句も近づいたので一昨日武者人形と兜を床の間に飾りました。出で立ちは勇ましいのですが、お人形の顔は優しく美しいです。Today is a national holiday, Day of Showa, so I put up the national flag in front of my entrance area in memory of Emperor Showa (Hirorito:1901-1989). It might be only my house along the Ema street which has put up the national flag. I wonder why people nowadays do not put up the national flag anymore on this special day, although they did in the past saying "it's Flag Day". By the way, I displayed Warrior dolls and helmet in the alcove since Boy's Festival (Children's Day) is approaching. They dress bravely, but their faces are so gentle and beautiful.