Thursday, April 5, 2018


日本に帰って二日目。ボストンでは何と春を告げるイースターの翌日に雪が降りました。「エイプリルフールじゃないか」とタクシーの運ちゃんが言っていましたが、本当に冗談のようなお天気でした。それに比べて日本の和らいだお天気はどうでしょう。多賀大社の桜は盛りを過ぎた感じですが、うっすらピンクのしだれ桜の下から見上げると優しさに抱かれた気持ちになります。山吹の黄色が古い神社を美しく見せています。It has been two days since I came back to Japan. In Boston it was snow just one day after Easter. The taxi driver who took me to the airport said "It's April Fool's Day!'. Indeed I thought that it was a joke. On the contrary, here in Japan it is much nicer weather than Boston. It is just a bit past Cherry Blossom season, but when I stood beside the tree and looked up at the branches which were covered with light pinkish colors, I felt as if I was being held by something very gentle. The yellow of Japanese rosea makes the old shrine beautiful.